Our objective is to see AI-powered, diversity-minded new ministry development as a healing routine for the Church, clergy, and laity.

The Accelerator

JONTHE is our AI-powered experience for creating new ministries for new people.

The Booklet

REVELATION: The Dream of Ministry in the AI Era.

“James from PASTORIA is the just the sort of prophetic, futurist voice the Church needs right now and REVELATION is the perfect conversation starter for church leaders looking to move beyond the knee-jerk reactions to AI, instead encouraging us all to meaningfully engage the potential mission field that this revolutionary technology is opening up for those bold enough to explore it.”

Rev. Christopher Wurpts
Lead Pastor
North Scottsdale United Methodist Church

The Program

AEGEAN is a short-term partnership of up to four local churches that collectively practice regenerative ministry.

Enabled by six innovation sessions, participating churches are led into:

  • Centering personal and social healing as the outcome of ministry
  • Healing areas of ministry that are debilitated into workflows of vibrancy
  • Gaining awareness of our contemporary cultural, demographic, and digital reality
  • Building AI-powered experiences contextualized for new people

Photo Credit: Mapbox on Unsplash