Every life is a ministry; every person is a minister.


We believe that “ministry” is the phenomenon of someone and/or something becoming more lively, hopeful, and beautiful. Therefore, ministry can be (and already is) taking place anytime and anywhere – inside and outside of The Church.

The Church

We believe that “The Church,” is anything and anyone that sets the particular conditions of ministry to take place. Our present day incarnation of the Church as a 501c3 nonprofit organization is one version of many that can be (and already is) in existence.

Mainline Decline

We see the decline of mainline Protestantism as an indication that the Sunday-centric, community-seeking, 501c3 nonprofit known as “The Church,” in the United States of America, neither fits into a typical person’s everyday life nor properly addresses their usual set of existential concerns.

Future Growth

We are convinced that the world does not need a replication of our current version of, “The Church.” Instead, we seek a diversification of the means of discipleship that reflects the panoply of life experiences.

The Minister

We find anyone to be a minister who seeks to set the conditions for ministry to take place in the overlap of their life with that of others.

The Ministry Field

We predict digital, diversity, and the dreams of the community to become the pillars of future ministry growth – as they are culturally provisioned spaces of life overlap.

AI – Chat-based Interface

We find the chat-based interface of contemporary AI platforms to be reminiscent of the idea of conversation-based discernment in mainline protestant Christian denominations such as The United Methodist Church.

AI – Generative Nature

We find the basic generative nature of contemporary AI platforms to be reminiscent of the creative nature of God, as depicted in the Hebrew Bible. We also find the end-result of generative AI to overlap with the task of humanity to be productive.